Johnny Smith Guitar Play Sample

johnny smith guitar play sample
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Michael has Perlowin A classical music sounding inspired by Spain

Michael Perlowin innovates with innovative music and fun and suppression mainly on pedal steel guitar.

As with his forays into the world of Debussy, Stravinsky and Broadway with his Firebird Suite and West Side Story albums, Perlowin Michael returns to break the stereotype of the pedal steel guitar as an instrument of the West unique. In his new album, Spanish Steel, with 20 titles to or from Spain, with works by Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz, Joaquín Rodrigo, Julio Martinez Oyanguren, and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

This new album sees Perlowin continue to alternate between the use of pedal steel, in an important instrument and ensemble. However, this CD includes the work of the guitar Perlowin more than their previous releases, the guitar is an integral part of Spanish music. It is fair to say that this is not so much a "pedal album steel guitar "because it's an album of music that is dominated by its unique sound of steel leading expressive.

Perlowin, a veteran guitarist the folk music scene and rock around LA, became enamored of the pedal steel guitar found unexpectedly after working in a country band West in the mid 70s. His enthusiasm was transformed into a love story-consumer, intensely passionate obsession which continues to this day. Perlowin calls himself joked "Addicted" Steel ", adding that the complexities and mysteries of the case instrument as the other players feel the same way.

As a guitarist working Perlowin played almost every type of popular music, standards, folk, rock, country, blues, reggae and disco, even. Playing pedal steel guitar, however, was found Perlowin unhappy when confined to one country and Western music. He began playing the steel with musicians from different genres including instrumental music and experimental blues rock (

Over time, it was the classical music world that have attracted the interest of Perlowin. A recording of Debussy's "Lady with hair Blond "by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith introduced him to the world of music reading and writing. Perlowin explains:" As soon as I heard this work, I realized that was what I wanted to play. "Perlowin own recording of the piece, which clearly shows the influence Smith can be heard on his first classical pedal steel album Firebird Suite.

"All he plays classical music should be forced to listen this record, "said Mark Laycock, Music Director, Orchestra London, the Princeton Chamber Symphony and guest conductor of Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra and Indianapolis Symphony. "Mike Perlowin is a musical genius that I am proud to know and learn, and honored to be a friend. I love this instrument and the music and the beauty of these sounds delights my soul. "

Perlowin was marginally exposed to classical music when I was young and had no musical training or production. Perlowin second album, West Side Story, shows do not grow as a player, as has already mastered the instrument, but as a producer, arranger and sound engineer.

However, with this third album that his command of the recording studio blossomed to match his talent as a virtuoso musician. The Spanish Steel, Dave Beyer played drums and percussion, while Bill Watkins contributed timpani samples to complement Perlowin lap and pedal steel guitars, electric bass and acoustic guitar, fretted and fretless bass, sitar, mandolin, Mandocello, 5-string banjo, harp and percussion added.

Spanish Steel performance is quite unique and original album of the target Perlowin to show the beauty and expressiveness of the pedal steel guitar. Full of fascinating notes, is the best example to date of the depths of the immense talent of Perlowin. Look well as their other albums at,,, for more reviews and images visit his artist website

Track List:

Michael Perlowin, SPANISH STEEL: Music Spain's Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Isaac Albéniz and others.

L'Amour Brujo (Manuel de Falla)
1. Introduction and Scene (0:30)
2. In The Cellar (1:46)
3. Love Song Hurt (1:25)
4. Danze Del Terror (2:03)
5. The Magic Circle (2:45)
6. Ritual dance Fire (3:52)
7. Scene (01:00)
8. Wisp Song (1:21)
9. Pantmima (4:14)
10. Dance Of The Game Of Love (2:23)
11. The Bells of Dawn (1:18)

Asturias (Isaac Albéniz)
12. Asturias (Leyenda) (5:43)

Conceirto Andeluz for four guitars (Joaquín Rodrigo).
13. Conceirto Andeluz for 4 guitars-Third Movement (7:05)

Fantasia Inca (Julio Martinez Oyanguren)
14. Fantasia Inca (3:12)

Spanish Capriccio (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)
15. Alborada (1:15)
16. Variazioni (04:20)
17. Alborada (1:17)
18. Scena (2:16)
19. Gatan Canto (2:22)
20. Fandango Asturias (03:38)

johnny smith guitar play sample

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