Basic Guitar Playing Tips

basic guitar playing tips
Basic Guitar Riffs : Drop D Guitar Playing Tips

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Any advice on how to improve my guitar playing sound?

I play for about 5 years and I still suck nirvana can play the basics, tips on how to improve?

Since you've played guitar for 5 years, obviously have all the foundations and bases. I suggest three things: 1) Make sure that the regular practice. Just play the guitar and try new things constantly. Try that as a routine. It's much better to play often, but for short periods of time rather than sessions really far from time to time. 2) The second is to get some lessons. Personally, I learned the use of video online. There are many videos on YouTube that you learn to play. In fact, I use a specific class and stuck with it. You can read about it here: 3) Make sure you always have fun. You will learn much faster if you like. Trying to get tags of songs that you like and practice them. Good luck with the guitar and I really hope this helps. Thank you

basic guitar playing tips