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guitar course reviews
Jamorama Review – My Full Review on Jamorama Guitar Course

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I want to buy a new acoustic guitar?

I want an acoustic guitar, preferably under $ 250, I like style ovation but of course real Ovations are out of reach. I'm used to playing a Stratocaster solid body, if I want something that is of the same general size, acoustics bulky hard for me to get used too. I do not want a traditional advantage, again, I'm used power play, and get all tangled in the strings are so far, I have been looking at a purity Johnson, but I tried to search the Internet for further comments Reading, etc., have not found anything on this guitar, which makes me a little Leary. Any suggestions would be surprising indeed, is the acoustic rock, I'm in a band doing covers of famous rock songs acoustic style, and write original songs as well, so this guitar is mainly for rhythm / chords, but I'd rather flexible, because in my spare time I also play lead stuff, action so low it would be useful … Thank you!

does not mean semi-acoustic? I think the best idea … forever … is turning to music stores and different test instruments there. or if you have something like you can find online. cos in the end you feel comfortable with it!

guitar course reviews

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