8 Year Old Guitar Player Yahoo

8 year old guitar player yahoo
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Shalla Victore mixture of Banda, Tokadiscos

Shalla Victore mixed with the group, Tokadiscos

"Tokadiscos reggae"

by Shalla de Guzman

First, it is Victor?

Well, I was born and lived in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico all my life, I'm 25. I am the youngest of a family of five (My two older sisters mourn always enjoyed myself when I was a child.) I studied engineering industry here in Ensenada, and I'm going through a professional certificate in Construction Safety University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

I enjoy learning new things in all aspects of life. roller coaster love, abseiling and ready to pounce as soon as I have a little extra money. Recently I heard a scuba-diving, and became my new passion, I love it =)

Ensenada is a town small enough, and that's what I like about him is not cluttered and you want to see concerts or performances of a large city, just an hour north to Tijuana or travel across the border San Diego.

Tokadiscos we started eight years ago (almost new) with the idea of making music we love. There was no other bands in the city that something. A curse of the small town is that 98% of the bands to follow trends instead of creating something because you feel. At the time, everyone played Nirvana, then, Deftones, Blink 182 and now so Emo. Do not be rude to any style of music (I love Emo), but the trend is more we can say that much loved and is migrating to a new trend. Almost like a Mexican band called Panda today.

So far we have two training sessions and working on the third. The group has not given enough money to live yet, but we gave a lot of personal satisfaction. We have been in many places throughout Mexico and some major U.S. cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco Phoenix and Chicago). Pato Roco and is registered with us Maldita Vecindad first album and we have some surprises for the next.

Shalla: Hi Victor, Nice band. Have you done a long time?

Victor: I play the last ten years. I started a school group and then make my own music with some friends. In the band there are some older boys who have a long way and some young people who have less. We as group as I said, we almost nine years and counting.

Shalla: When did you know that you wanted to be a musician?

Victor: When I was about four years I wanted to be a firefighter or police for a seller of ice cream (which could (I was wrong lol?) Obtain all ice, they could eat, can you believe that ???). After that I wanted to be a professional basketball player. Like all children used to play in mean to a singer with the comb as a microphone, playing the guitar since I started listening to alternative music on the age of ten. But it was at the age of 15 when I got my hands on real drums that I knew would not be able to drop the glue.

Shalla: What musical instruments do you play? What is your favorite musical instrument? Do music lessons or just for yourself?


I love and have respect for all instruments. But my passion are all kinds of percussion. I played drums most of my time, but I can play a little (very little haha) of congas, bass guitar, and trumpet.

Shalla: Do you play drums? Is it hard to play the battery?


Yes, it is as difficult as any other instrument. There are no easy or difficult instrument. Batteries attract the common people, because I think it's just bump, bump, bump. The truth is that anyone can play an instrument, if you go enough (much) time to practice the very slow speed and increasing. It becomes second nature, like breathing, never think of, but all the time. When you begin to focus solely on this specific rhythm and distraction alone takes you out of court. But as you continue to do so, you can talk, sing or even think about the after party and continue to play without even thinking.

Shalla: Do you write your own music? What is your inspiration?


We as a group to write our own music. Personally, I work only with the arrangements. Mostly Tozzy (singer) is a test with an idea and together they solve. As I said, our ages are very large (17 to 31), so we all have different influences and all bring a little of ourselves in the songs.

Shalla: Any advice for other musicians on how to get your music out there?


Well, forget the labels, the future of music is online. Make your own demos, albums, and try to reach all audiences. If you like the music will start asking their programs and that is how you start to travel.

Shalla: Oh, and can submit your music Shalla Magazine? (We can put a link to it or something)


Well, a wide range of music, videos and information at:


myspace.com / Tokadiscos


youtube.com / profile? = Users victoretkd

Thank you for the space =)

Shalla: Thanks! Best with your projects!

or more in Tokadiscos: http://www.tokadiscos.com

Deguzman Shalla stories have appeared in the Mosaic literary magazine and Mad Hatters Review, her articles in the scriptorium and Freepress Angeles, parodies Stella Adler at the Teatro.

Her flash fiction Fish In My Bed recently won the FISH AND PLANE Competition and is the number 6 Review Mad Hatters.

Shalla, a former writer and producer of a cable program Health and Fitness, is writing a novel. Is President ShalladeGuzman Writers Group

(Http: / / groups.yahoo.com / group / ShalladeGuzman /), where interviews literary agents, publishers, editors, etc.

To learn more about Shalla: www.shalladeguzman.com



8 year old guitar player yahoo