Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs

easy acoustic guitar tabs
4 simple Chords : Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners “Closing Time” by Semisonic

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What are some easy, but fun, guitar tabs for the acoustic guitar?

I’m a beginner at the guitar, but I know how to read tabs. Do you know any easy tabs I can play on the acoustic guitar?


Hey There!
Well to begin with you want to be learning to play small riffs, or the basic chords to a song so you can play along with it.

For example when I began playing I learnt to read tab and then searched all the basic guitar chords (A,B,C,D,E,F,G & Am,Bm,Cm,Dm,Em,Fm,Gm) “m means minor”. Once I had learnt these I began playing small songs such as the “james bond” riff.. Or something like (Smoke on the water – deep purple)

All of these tabs can be easily found on the following websites:

PS you may also want to watch some video lessons on YouTube.com.

Hope this helps yah!

easy acoustic guitar tabs

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