10 Best Guitar Players

10 best guitar players
The Ten Best Guitar Players (no order)

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Guitar players Experiened Piano /! Question about chord progression?

Hey, I play a few chords, but I'm stuck in my "bridge" my song. Here are my strings today (I think I am the key of C [or G]) Chorus: C, E, Am, G6 Bridge: C C7no5, Fmaj7 / C, and then … I do not know why. Any help would be great! And, of course, 10 points better sound!

Try this for the bridge. C C7 Fmaj7 / C Dmin7 / C, Gmin / Bb, C / G Dmin, / A, G-7 / B, then back to C can not (which is also to c.) The more interesting. But it works. Try this one: Am E / G #, C / G, D / F # Dmin / F, G-7 / F, then back to C. Cool, because of the low down.

10 best guitar players