How To Play Guitar Lead

how to play guitar lead
How to play the guitar – lead guitar riff building

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How can I play the guitar through a tube amp?

I'm playing lead guitar for an audition, but must have a pre-recorded as a guitar track again -. Only I'm allowed one amp mine is a tube 100 watt Marshall age – and no other sound system. All suggestions on how to create a uniform sound? If this amp does not work any idea of a contemporary who will? Thank you. Robert H.

There are some something good, but could be done. subject to there little Marshall. If it is a former Super leads with 4 inputs and two volume controls, then in theory you can connect the music source in one of them and your guitar in the other. However, the equalizer will compromise between guitar and music source. If only one entry, use a small external mixer to combine the guitar and the music source and then send it to the amplifier. However, necessary to carry very clean amp. Therefore, if you rely on the distortion amplifier, this option is available. It Several practice amp out there now that has an input for a music source that bypasses the preamp and EQ guitar. Therefore, you can have your clean and distorted guitar music. Fender has a pair like that now that the line 6. If you are looking for a 1-box solution, this is probably your best bet. Good luck with the hearing. Greetings from Austin, TX, Ken

how to play guitar lead

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