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guitar play lessons

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"I can be able to play guitar without lessons?

I try very hard every day to continue learning to play guitar. Like, I play every day and I know some chords and lessons watching YouTube or Google. But my family is very poor and can not continue with the lessons: (It is difficult today, however, would be capable of good or honest enough to play a few songs. I love the guitar, so I played all days and looked up all the lessons online date?

Hello, Before answering your response, I mean I also agree with the second response. Lessons can be very useful. Party on how to develop your own style, because you do not have a teacher is rubbish. A good instructor will encourage you to develop your own style. I have no supporting data, but my feeling is that people learn all sorts are more likely to simply copy the style of what they see and hear, because they have no one to encourage to go further. However, not everyone has access to a teacher. Not everyone can afford private lessons. Thus, while private lessons worth it, not everyone is going to happen. Now to your question. Yes, you can learn. Many of us originally learned nothing. In my time, was not taught guitar rock in the region. This was more or less the case in years 50 and 60. However, many good guitarists learn to play the 50 and 60. It is much easier to learn to play on their own these days back when I heard. The Internet has a large amount of teaching material for proper disposal. Here is a link to a series of video lessons. These can help you learn the basics, the best. This guy has a series of 12 video lessons on Youtube. That covers the basics very well. You other lessons can be found in the section on Video here. It uses an electrical current through the lessons, but most of the documents translated Although acoustics. If you have not learned to read music, here's a link to an article that explains it. This a chord chart. By downloading the PDF file on your computer. Then you can search through it for various ways to touch a chord sensitive. If you want to learn some songs, you can search on Google with the name of the song and text labels. This should give places like legs that guitar. This will be places like the 911 here, other You can also Use the search function on YouTube to find songs lessons in particular. Search the name of the song and the words of pun or a lesson. There are many good instructional videos available on YouTube. Later

guitar play lessons