List Of Greatest Guitar Players Ever

list of greatest guitar players ever
Best Technical Guitar Players

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Who is the greatest guitarist ever?

I have a list of heavy hitters here. Make your own list, or choose from mine. Who is the largest? 1. Alex Skolnick 2. Dimebag Darrel (RIP) 3. Randy Rhoads (RIP) 4. Jake E. Lee 5. Zakk Wylde 6. Joe Satriani 7. Stevie Ray Vaughan (RIP) 8. Jimi Hendrix (RIP) 9. Don Dokken 10. Pat Metheny 11. Sunday 12 Gaudious. Edward Van Halen (ERZHALEN! !!!!!!!!!): P 13. Carlos Santana 14. Robert Cray 15. Alex Lifeson 16. Yngwie Malmsteen 17. Steve Vai 18. Eric Clapton 19. John Williams 20. Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) Sorry for the typos! My choice as the greatest Joe played well this question was asked many times. Youve got to come original!

list of greatest guitar players ever