How To Play Guitar Tutorial

how to play guitar tutorial

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What do you recommend to learn to play guitar?

Hello. I'm 14 and I try to learn to play guitar. I think that lessons are too expensive in my area, if you have to teach me. Do you know of any books, sites or tutorials that will really help me? Thank you – Some personal advice are also welcome.

Hey there, success in learning to play guitar is within the reach of many people, but many beginners leave too quickly. Often, beginners will stop saying that lack of time to practice and play hurt your fingers. The problem is that they are not practical in a sufficient period of time. This response can not give more time for practice, but will show you how to succeed in becoming a guitarist to right: 1. Study of the physical instrument itself, at first. Learn the names and functions of the guitar parts, and work together to make sounds. Half an hour passed in this knowledge base will be repaid many times through their practice and game time 2. Teach you many ways to reach a chord I can. For example, there are different positions of the 10 frets to play the hand rope. Obviously, making a "perfect" first agreement open, but forms can play a chord, the more flexibility you have to move from one chord to another. It may also be useful if you decide to try to compose new music. 3. Practice daily (5 of 7 days minimum) for at least half an hour. If you want to learn quickly to feed your brain with the guitar. It is about learning to have a good ear for changes in tone, the comfortable position of your body (legs, including back, shoulders and position arms) coordination and hand scraping technique, hand coordination freight and technology, and most importantly, muscle memory phenomenon of the hand. 4. Take your guitar everywhere you go, whether you're sitting, waiting, watching, etc. Having your guitar with you in such situations to promote their ability to play to begin. It is also useful when creating calluses. Always have your guitar with you so you can practice pressing the strings with the formation of cargo rope good hand. get a guitar tuner, you save many packs of strings and adjustment to be careful, especially the first string. 5. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice makes perfect is not just ancient history. When you practice, the quest for quality, if you practice it takes habits Permanent chaotic. A better aphorism in fact could be: "The practice makes permanent. "Moreover, as the weightlifting athletes rotate their exercises, focusing on one body part a day, you can practice passages focuses on different aspects – tone, softness, speed, precision. By focusing on implementing the various facets of music outside can be improved their skills and improve your game in general! 6. Play with CD versions of songs that you like "rewind" and repeat until very small pieces of a song over and over until you know exactly how to really riff. Just 'Back' press and see the number counter (the number figures the number of seconds of music). Take note of the second mind when you start the riff. Then you will be able to facilitate reverse again and again to its starting point. 7. Never put nylon strings on a classical guitar with steel strings, and vice versa. They are not interchangeable. However, if you have a steel string, you can use "silk and steel" strings of the guitar until your fingers are difficult to use heavy steel strings, because they are easier on the fingers. Note that the sound is softer and less bright. The most important part of learning to play the guitar is having the right guide will lead you through each step and thoroughly professional. Can you recommend a great program that is discussed in the following link: hard rock!

how to play guitar tutorial