Electric Guitar Learning Kit

electric guitar learning kit
Intro to my new Fender Starcaster Strat Starter Kit

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What electric guitar starter kit that I bought my first guitar?

I'm looking to start learn electric guitar. No. I have no knowledge or experience of the guitar. I'm 13 if that makes a difference! I would also like a starter kit and pay as little as possible. Thank you in advance.

If I were you, I wouldnt buy a beginner guitar and an amp … b / C I can not sound good and not get discouraged. you should buy a guitar at least 200 to $ 300 and an amplifier 200 to $ 300. Believe me, I started playing five weeks ago, and I bought the guitar amp and 300 together. that was a nightmare. wouldnt play bi / ci did not As yet how I sounded, I thought that aspires to play. BUT, I returned to the guitar and an amp and a guitar amp and got together for $ 600. Well Naturally, there are much better than that, but for me, I'm happy with the sound of my game after the change. what is the point of being a guitar for beginners if you do not stay not as a beginner … u will get better, and if you're stuck with a guitar for beginners, but not a beginner, you are very unhappy and will probably end up spending more money for a better guitar later. Good luck.

electric guitar learning kit