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I joined the worship team and I play electric, but I can not improvise. Can anyone help?

Recently joined the church of my praise team. i was assigned to play the electric guitar. so far I have played mainly acoustic and I recently started playing electric (rather than a few months back). the thing is you can not improvise on guitar based just outside the ropes. the first 2 songs are "the heart of Worship" by Matt Redman Blessed be the name of your Matt Redman. Is supposed to have learned these two (or in my case to be ready) by Friday. please help me understand something something to play chords, because I know you can not teach someone to improvise on the Internet. any advice or help at all appreciated! =]

Do you know a song by Buddy Holly? It was really good in monotone. For example, in "Peggy Sue" is composed of only three chords. Another example is the only version of Bobby Fuller's "I fought the law." A simple chord progression is based on the song, but instead of agreements first position, fragments played chord forms above the neck. Use triads based on the open E, A, D and forms, is how "I Fought the Law "is playing. If you're really stuck, you can simply arpeggio chords. I do not know the songs, but maybe this way I would. Giz

learn guitar praise and worship