How To Play Guitar Lead Solo

how to play guitar lead solo
How to play lead electric blues guitar solo skills lesson

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rhythm guitar or lead?

ok both sides of this, the first question, How can I know if I am a rytem or guitarist? i solo love and stuff, I'm just terrible at writing them, but I'm good at writing as bridges and melodies of songs, but I hate that everything is very helpful with advice on wat I am, and to write better solo? and 1 um another question can anyone tell me if everything guitarists very good use of the brand Line 6? I have one but some do not sound right reason, I feel like his room at the back of the amplifier and its taste is not as clear or real as a natural amplifier, and their covered for something bad play Yellow Ledbetter solo, but it sounds bad, and I know I'm listening and playing well, it's just the magnifying effect it gives, can someone tell me if guitarists use Line 6? and can recommend a good amplifier brand to get? my favorite guitar i own is my Dean CFH so you know. Plz help me! ja.

Firstly, yes, many guitarists use the line 6. Part of this is how to use it properly – the other half is nice the basic tone Line 6 has a tendency to give and how to "play". I do not really – I think a lot of Line 6 amps and the products have tendency to sound a bit digital and play a little flat and too compressed (Dead Ie). This is my personal opinion, but I'm also a kind of tube snob. Like have dynamics – soft selection, get a nice sound, pick up drive, get a loud sound. In contrast, most of the time you just get different levels of distortion … Is NOT the same! Oh yeah … the guy who plays music from the cartoon band "Dethklok Metalocalypse series (sp?) on Adult Swim …. using the line 6. I can only think of the top of my head. Regarding brands – Marshall is always an excellent choice. I only played a Marshall did not like (the cable triple super), but I heard people can do sounds good, so …. Valvestate I have one of the above is a bit noisy, but it sounds good! My friend has a cannon, head 100w to be exact, and has a very good tone too. Umm, I like the Epiphone Valve Jr. I think it's a little amp – I use the version in the head and run it in a 2×12. I have a lot of volume, more than enough to play with … After only 5 watts tube! It's a good time. I'm not a big fan of Roland …. but I'd take one more day line 6. Peavey has a tendency to be more or less, at least for me. Randall, Orange Box and brands tend to be good, especially when the tubes are involved. The table is good, but the Dual Rec tendency to sound a bit "dry" and the triple power are really too much for a good sound at a volume useful / reasonable. I do not like his Fender amplifiers, and I have a bad opinion on this point Raven amp, until I hear some very good sound through them. In terms of construction and wrote songs and melodies and all that, some of the best advice I can give is the study of music theory. Know what notes and chords and scales work well together at least half the battle! Saul

how to play guitar lead solo