What’s Easier To Learn Guitar Or Bass

what’s easier to learn guitar or bass
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Any suggestions to help the Rock & Roll songs to sing (and learn) while playing electric bass?

Play electric guitar and songs do not seem to be a problem – but when I am on electric bass, I can not sing many songs. It seems that many timers play bass or vocals to be presented at the time and does not match the song. Songs like "Stray Cat Strut", even with a rhythm and lyrics sung in all the time are quite easy to sing and play bass at the same time. Do you have suggestions for other songs Rock & Roll and I can learn to sing and play bass at the same time? Thank you.

Try The Cars, which seemed easy. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell easy. Punk like Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Try something that has a constant bass notes or Black, 8. You might even try to follow the evolution of the low without affecting the counter only to learn the song. Once you have the letters below or the bass line down and then learn the other party. I had to do with another brick in the wall.

what’s easier to learn guitar or bass