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electric guitar instruction
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How to wire electric guitar on a Fender Stratocaster?

Well, I have a Fender Squier Stratocaster 2. a friend gave me because the wiring is messed up .. I guess I did not want to address .. So it was opened. and tell me, is there a website that can give me step step on how to reconnect every son on an electric guitar. and how. thank you: D

I do the same job in a Squier II, it was not difficult. The type of "stratocaster wiring" on Google Image Search and you'll have lots of wiring diagrams – all are fundamentally the same, should not be difficult to find one that can be used. I just took one with the largest size so you can print for use as a reference while working at it. As for step guitar wiring step is only a question of how to use a soldering iron (non-heating, welding) and basic knowledge of electricity (to avoid ground loops). Since you are wiring this thing from scratch, all you have to do is to compare with the sound scheme and should not be difficult to find the problem. I included Below are some examples that may help.

electric guitar instruction

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