Top Bass Guitar Players

top bass guitar players
Slap Bass ( Free Raga Funk ) Jayen Varma – Bassist, Sumesh – Guitarist ( RagaZZ Guitar Player )

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Musicians Joe, Jim, John, Jake and Josh just completed the top five of a survey music. Each plays a different type of group-soul, jazz, country, reggae and folk artist, and each plays a different instrument. From the clues given, try to determine for each position in the investigation, the man, the type of group and the instrument he plays. instuments: bass, drums, guitar, piano and organ. Tracks: 1. The reggae band bassist was third. 2. Sometimes, groups and the country has no keyboard instruments in them, nor the group of Josh. 3. Jake group rank high in the polls bassist, a place the group soul, but none of these groups came first. 4. The Group ended the drummer behind John's group but the group of jazz to come, however, none of these groups came last. 5. The group's guitarist play no country. 6. Joe did not play the piano in the group souls.

John – guitar – Jake popular – the drummer – Josh country – Bass – Joe reggae – the piano – Jazz Jim – body – soul

top bass guitar players