Play Guitar In 10 Easy Lessons

play guitar in 10 easy lessons
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How long does it take to learn guitar (electric).?

I started to learn guitar. How many years Per month, you will not learn the guitar well enough to retrieve and read casually point of view? I'm not talking about simple things like Blink 182, but as Steve Vai esque solo or at least David Gilmour solos. I'm just trying to manage my time properly because I want to play this song I wrote for my girlfriend, instead of asking my friends (transposition was a pain: /). I hope that it will take 1-2 years (I am a graduate of the time)? I will hire a teacher and I practice about one hour each day with two lessons per week. I could play all day. ^ ^ I love the guitar. I do not know if this helps or not, but I have no problem with music theory and I play the violin for 10-12 years to enjoy the music flow instruments is not new for me. PS I start with acoustic or go directly into electricity. Thank you in advance.

I played for over 2 years and give lessons guitar base. He taught me to play, it is difficult to tell where you are in a certain period of time, but it's really about the quantity and quality their practice. If you practice a lot, are engaged guitar, and constantly seek ways to improve, then you will progress quickly if they feel frustrated and play the same songs and do not contest that will not improve. No. But I know a man who played the violin probably 8-10 years before it played guitar, and became very good very quickly. If you set a goal to Steve Vai to play before you graduate, you will probably succeed. I go ahead and get the first power except what is really less, but the real issue until you start alone. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, buy the sound, but if you can afford a guitar and an amp, get the power.

play guitar in 10 easy lessons