Learning Guitar Learn To Play Guitar

learning guitar learn to play guitar

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is more difficult to learn to play piano or guitar?

I learned to play the piano when I was 10 and now I want to learn guitar. what is most difficult? I do not think that the guitar will be easy, because I get discouraged if it is really difficult.

Hey! Guitar is much easier than the piano. The piano is sophisticated. I recently changed my associate degree of music in Australia. Playing for 9 years. I play guitar, but just for fun. Depends … Would you play for fun or you want to reach a professional level and playing classical guitar? It is easy learn to read music, chords to play, and play electric guitar riffs, etc. Edit: With the piano, not just chords. It is dynamic, etc. complex fingering Just look at the piece for piano, for example, Chopin, and compare it with the guitar … But if you know how to play the piano, then it is easier to learn any other instrument, the piano is the main instrument.

learning guitar learn to play guitar