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learn guitar easy online

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Does anyone know somewhere online where I can learn to play guitar? Id like to find a place where I can learn the chords with ease. If any of you are able read the labels, can you tell me please how to read labels? I know many people who can read and say theyre easy to read, but I have noo cluuee to read. Id really like that learn! Can anyone help me with this? thank you very much! :)

ultimateguitar.com has a large collection of tabs and chords, most of the songs. how to read the map: there are six strings of a guitar, right? tab, six dotted lines and numbers represent the strings. the dotted line numbers that tells you which box you have to press the string down when he started when two numbers are parallel to each other, which means they play together. when there is nothing on the line, do not play anything on this channel until there is a number. if there is a zero (0) line, which means you play the string, which means plucking the string without pressing any fret. for example: ————— ——————- —– 2 — -1 -1 —- 3 —- 5 —- -0 ————— ——————- ——- ———————- Hope I helped! ciao

learn guitar easy online