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play guitar hero 2 online free
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60 GB PS3? Every PS3 owner knows most of these?

I'm looking to buy a PS3 60 GB online. Mainly because I want to play PS2 games. I have only questions. 1. The Internet is free, but he throws a few questions. Can you get wifi router life (Linsys example). Except What exactly is not Ethernet? 2. In the 60 GB drive the emotion that all PS2 games work. If not, what habit or simply give me a list. 3. Does it come with an HDMI cable? 4. The normal DVD? Finally (at least for now) 5. PS2 controllers (eg, Guitar Hero guitar) work, or adapter. If yes, how is the map? And what about memory cards? Just answer as much as you know. 10 points best answer!

1) Yes, PS3 has built in Wi-Fi 802.11g. Ethernet is a wired connection. An Ethernet cable is connected to your PS3, and the other end between one of four ports on the linksys router. The PS3 is connected to the Internet via cable directly. 2) 95% of PS2 games work with the 60GB version. With each update the firmware problems much more games are more able to work well. That's the whole list; 3) PS3 does not come with an HDMI cable. However, you can buy one for about $ 10 – $ 15. Do not be fooled into buying gold, dressed as flight at exactly the same work. In addition, Some retailers include wireless package with a package to look around. 4) Yes, the PS3 can play Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, 5, etc.) PS2 controllers can work with the PS3 via a separate adapter costs about $ 10 too. You can also buy a memory card adapter that allows you to transfer all stored in a virtual memory card on the PS3 hard drive. PS3 Guitar Hero PS2 will also work with a connector of this type, I guess that's a good price online as well.

play guitar hero 2 online free