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Airplay Direct Select Alexander Shulgin Like a big artist in February

Online sales of music directly AirPlay announced that the main composer Alexander Shulgin Russian interpreter and was chosen as an exclusive artist for marquee February. Shulgin is only the second artist after Dolly Parton to be selected for this honor. In addition to being included as a featured "Artist" and a "guest artist" throughout February on AirPlay Direct site and newsletter information sent to more than 3,100 member radio stations, Family Entertainment is a complete collection of 3 albums "Songs for Triptych. Shulgin "available to download and listen to radio programmers to members. The entire collection will be available in all major music stores online this March.

Stream and download the compilation Triptych
* Triptych. Song Alexander Shulgin Party
* Triptych. Alexander Shulgin Songs II for
* Triptych. Alexander Shulgin Lyrics for Part III

"We are very pleased to receive this recognition from AirPlay exposure direct its global network of broadcasters and webcasters, "said Alexander Shulgin." AirPlay Direct has always proved to be a leader in helping unsigned artists and big name in the use of new technologies to reach tastemakers of the music world. "

"It's very exciting for us to continue to increase our international presence," said Robert Weingartz, CEO of AirPlay Direct. Shulgin Alexander is a talented artist and a great ambassador for Russian music industry. "

Produced by DWB successful stable of writers and producers, the "Triptych" Shulgin compilation of music, instrumental pieces and has not played before. With the inventive use of Spanish stretched nylon acoustic guitar as the main primary instrument evokes sunsets in Spain and the sun bathed the peaceful fields swaying in the breeze. It is a mixture of styles and the latest Urban Jazz Chillout rather his nuanced on this album – Music for a hot bath in the compilation includes an impressive number of talent, rage notable producers Paul Richard Drew Niles and familiar names in jazz like Gary Husband, Martin Taylor, John Patitucci, Simon Rushby, Jon Howell and Bob Mintzer to do name a few.

"Triptych Shulgin Songbook, Part 1" is simply a great album! It is a paradise for lovers of jazz. This album is a fusion of jazz and popular music for every situation – background music, good relations with her lover, or simply relaxing and soothing. Michele Morris, MusicDish e- Journal

About Alexander Shulgin
Alexander Shulgin is a noted composer, performer, and leader of the music industry new Russian who worked with artists as emblematic Valeria Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Family Entertainment a label, and the Family Publishing, a publisher. Its catalog includes not only the first 10 songs, but also a variety of rare versions, including hundreds gypsy known Russian songs, songs of exile in Siberia and the best songs of the First World War, which are all part of a unique musical heritage Russia.

Shulgin began his career with the legendary rock band The Cruise Russia (1983-1986), which sold 20 million copies of his first album in 1985. Work continued on an international project series "The Taiga Symphony," a combination of classical music with Russian Western rock music performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, with "Merry Christmas to the world", another ambitious collaboration between East and West Shulgin and BBC Worldwide. Shulgin is also a music composer for film and television, his songs featured in the films of Lukas Moodysson and Ken Russell, series TV music "Primadonna" and all the music to the public in the first TV channel "Spas" for which he composed.

About AirPlay Direct
AirPlay Direct is an easy to use digital file transfer that was developed to streamline the activities of radio promotion and artist for industry music today. AirPlay Direct FREE services replace the unnecessary time and costs to collect and send packages cost of traditional music and folders News by e-mail. AirPlay Direct using the system also allows an artist to have a positive impact on the environment by eliminating unnecessary packaging.

play guitar today songbook