Acoustic Guitar Learning Kits

acoustic guitar learning kits
Love the way you lie ft. Rihanna – Easy acoustic guitar song – Lesson – how to play

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How do I start guitar?

Hey guys, I played a drum kit for a little over three years. I am very good rock and blues drummer, but I always wanted to learn to play guitar too. I'm not sure how to begin. Some of my friends play the guitar that I should start playing acoustic. Not exactly, because I want to start playing acoustic blues and hard rock like Tesla, Skid Row, SRV Rush, Led Zeppelin, etc. .. But if technical wise is better then I'll start with acoustic. If anyone has any advice or suggestions that help would be greatly appreciated! =)

you do not start on a sound, just a set of electric starting without any distortion in the first instance, you get the same tone and sound, which makes listening more mistakes and improve their technique, but I suggest you find thin chains is more easy to begin to break, but are also the easiest way in the fingers at first, and much easier to bend the tip is fuckign awesome!

acoustic guitar learning kits