Play Guitar Left Or Right Handed

play guitar left or right handed
Part #1 Posture, left & right hand technique, pick holding – Guitar Lessons for Beginners Acoustic

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I am left handed and I would like to play the guitar. Do I need a right hand or left of guitar?

A natural left-handed guitar right hand A player of an individual with the right hand (because the left hand natural freight)? ps. I am a total novice and without guitar, but I think to have one!

Hey, my son is left handed and I had to deal with this issue. As most of 2600, I suggest you do what feels natural to you. Try to hold and take a right handed guitar scratches. If you are not totally alien, go that direction. If you feel completely strange to go in a music store that has an instrument with his left hand and try it. trying to learn it was "unusual." That is the advice I received when I asked someone the same question on behalf of my son left. By late afternoon, he bought a guitar with his right hand is to learn to play. As you probably know, most left-handers are more capable of the right hand that are qualified with the left hand.

play guitar left or right handed