Easy To Learn Guitar Tunes

easy to learn guitar tunes
Guitar Tutorial: Sweet Child O Mine Intro (Easy to learn)

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What are easy songs on guitar, I can play?

I am a beginner guitar. I can play some Beck, Modest Mouse, The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the other songs are easy, but I want to know more. Can you suggest a list of songs easily with great players / Groups? For example, Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Blonde Redhead, Deerhoof, Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, etc. I would also learn something of the old -Timey blues. Anything on earth and genuine. Any suggestions on this? Thank you!

Pink Floyd – wish you here (standard), comfortably numb. Jimmi Hendrix – Wind Cries Mary, along the watchtower (tunedown semitones). Maybe Chile – Californication (U if you wish) to land – THE KING OF bluesmen DELTA – Robert Johnson – Chicago, sweet home (with the boss, I think your song easier – but still difficult) try to learn now, you can not understand, but it may return. Such is the legend of the blues! Hope this helps

easy to learn guitar tunes