Learn Guitar Stairway To Heaven

learn guitar stairway to heaven
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Why do people think "Stairway to Heaven", a guitar album so great?

Whenever I say I'm learning guitar, he always asks me if I can play Stairway to Heaven yet. Is the scope of their musical career?. For me, this song is dangerously exaggerated. blah. I mean he wants to play, but not at the top of my list. Here's a song I hope to master on the road. This guitar solo is simply Frank Zappa's incredible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfY3BhYNIjg The introduction may sound strange, but continue to listen to the guitar solo.

Comparing Acoustic intro John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page solo on "Stairway" to anything by Frank Zappa is a waste of time. These two styles are completely different from writing songs and playing guitar. I suggest you learn a lot.

learn guitar stairway to heaven

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