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i can play guitar nashville
Lovin’ Spoonful – Nashville Cats

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Is it even legitimate for a Canadian to become a country singer?

I sing and play guitar for 3 years and if I did go to professionals and an album in a few years and was one country or another album would be a Canadian country singer to receive a Canada is different? I'm in the Edmonton area, Alberta and grew up in a small town, but in no case a provincial town. No cowboy hats or something, I music. I do not know what is the credibility to be a country singer, or just enjoy the music and can sing well, then maybe the interior to be well received. I am very confused about the whole thing. I must say I like country music, but I think they have no credibility because I'm not in Nashville or the U.S..

Two words: Hank Snow. Hank was born in Halifax, Canada. He recorded the song that spent the most time at No. 1 in the history of the country charts, "I'm Movin '" (# 1 for 21 weeks). It is legitimate entered the room the Music Hall of Fame country. N is worried that was Canadian. It was good, it was important.

i can play guitar nashville

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