How To Play Guitar Like Jack Johnson

how to play guitar like jack johnson
How to play accoustic guitar like jack johnson

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What should I play acoustic guitar for my style?

I used to play much, but now in college played a couple Ihaven'tt good years, but really wonna play again. All my acoustic guitars have nylon strings and I use my fingers to play, I not scratch or using a pick. I would like to return and begin to learn music like Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Grey such guitar style. I am sure to buy time with a nylon rope or steel, or what type of guitar that I know very little about them just how you play! Thank you and hope this helps, please brands recommended guitar, models, etc. that are decent:)

I am a big fan of Taylor acoustic guitars … that are well made and simple game like a whore than fifty cents. They are a bit expensive, but you get what you pay Yah? Now Playing: Day of Shredding – Joe Satriani

how to play guitar like jack johnson