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learn to play guitar for free downloads
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Is there a program i can download online that has the sounds of guitar or something.?

Well, I sing and write, but I really need and the instrument I should know hoew play now, but I did not. I learn quickly, but sometimes when I really need guitar sounds from three songs I wrote … PLEASE Help me … Is there a program that could free downlod online … Or so thank you you know the name of a program that could be purchased, please let me know. Thank you

There are not many out there free, but demo versions available. Suggest or Fruity Loops, which is more techno and house, but built guitar synthesizer, and you learn to use its good. You can also see Guitar Pro, this is a learning tool, but you can also write music with him. Guitar Pro comes with a guitar synthesizer. again not perfect, but hey, is not a real guitar either.

learn to play guitar for free downloads