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play guitar with the ventures
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some good acoustic guitar songs to play?

I played guitar for 12 years and I started to venture in the acoustic field alone. All my friends have stopped playing so I have no band. So I went to buy a fender acoustic T hub with the intention Cuts to learn what I could do for myself. Now I can not think of any that I'm sitting here. I can play anything, just in time to learn is different and I like it better than strum through the whole song, but I do not mind simplicity. I love songs easy and if you know one of them later. However, as an experienced player I like challenges. and nobody knows the name of the instrumental Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds play in his live album? fasting? Let me know what songs have fun with?

Being a fan of Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Oh yeah) fighting against fire with fire intros battery life is to die and perhaps the Figure ll more information, then I'll change

play guitar with the ventures