Translate To Play Guitar In Spanish

translate to play guitar in spanish
Sohrab Sepehri, Iranian Poet, (Bi Nam)Translated to Spanish,(Pedram Falsafi Music)

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Spanish translation please?

I like volleyball and tennis. I totally suck at football. Most of my friends likes football and try to show me, but I just aspire to it. I love music except country music. I say that music is my therapy, my passion. I love the guitar too. "I used to learn before, but then I left and now I'm starting again. I have an acoustic guitar faded black stripes and white. I want an electric guitar when I'm good enough. I hope I can learn to play piano and drums. what a great combination. we I see the languages and cultures. I hope to someday be fluent in Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

Like play volleyball He and the ping-pong. Playing football is not for nothing. Most of my friends and I want to teach to play soccer, but I dare not. Like music musica ranchera Less. I say that my music is my passion therapies. I also like playing guitar. I was ensenanda "before" and Stop praticar But now I start again. I have a guitar / display black on white. I like an electric guitar, When you know better touch. I would like to learn to play drums, what a combination! Aver, I like the distinction easily distinguishable languages and cultures. I hope For a day that is fluent in Chinese, Spanish, and Italian.

translate to play guitar in spanish