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learn guitar free software download
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Is there some kind of free software I can download to take off vocals to an mp3?

I want to sing a song for a talent show; but it has to be instrumental.
I have no time to learn the guitar..

And I was wondering if there is a way I can take the singers voice off of the track; but still have the music.
BUT the thing is; it’s a special song…
It’s a demo from a band (Flyleaf- There for you)
It’s a different, rare-type version that I have on my CD.
Can I rip it off the cd and use some kind of software to get the vocals off? Can I get a link to some kind of free software to do it?
It doesn’t HAVE to be free, just something I can download off the web. I don’t care if I have to pay so much a month.
Please help!

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Adobe Audition v3.0 = http://tobefreeware.com/portable-adobe-audition-v30/

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learn guitar free software download

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