Guitar Learn And Master

guitar learn and master
Learn n master funk guitar style of James Brown funky rhythm –

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I want to learn to play guitar from scratch. Should I buy Learn and Master Series Gibson teaching the guitar?

I Having this set of books and DVDs Official Gibson site, and is well advertised. I wonder if I should get one. It is a good investment if I want to hear from you and how he learned to play guitar without a teacher:)

If the same program I bought, learn and master guitar, it sucks. If that's what I bought was more like $ 200 and just terrible. I returned for a refund and bought the Rock House Method 3 DVD for under $ 40. I learned more from the DVD's Rock House. I suppose to learn and master would be nice for people who are interested in learning songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Ode to Joy. But really the songs they teach you are so freakin 'old can not imagine anyone wanting to play. It was the worst money I spent on everything related to guitar, thank you God, I had the possibility of receiving a refund.

guitar learn and master