How To Play Guitar Piano

how to play guitar piano
How to play: California Gurls by Katy Perry on Piano (Lesson Tutorial)

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I play guitar and piano …. Is it difficult to learn the mandolin?

I play the guitar first, then piano, mandolin and then. All instruments new to learn will be easier than the last! Mandolin is definitely a different animal on guitar, but his skill and collection of skills will help tremendously. If you're like me, you will find solo (playing the melody) is easier on the mandolin guitar, because its coherent framework (all fifths – unlike the guitar, which is all quarters except the boring chain B). Agreements, however, be a little more a section for you – literally. Despite the small size of the dishes, the fact that the strings are tuned in fifths of control necessary to cover a large of land by playing chords in the 4 courses (pairs of strings). It's great fun, however, and a good change of pace. Go ahead and have fun!

how to play guitar piano