8 Year Old Guitar Player Kid

8 year old guitar player kid
8 year old Guitarist Harry plays Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz with strings upside down!

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Do you think they should teach piano?

I'm 14 and I took lessons for 1.5 years and my teacher told me that should move as quickly think about the teaching of the summer. The hardest song I can play is Solfeggietto. I know that all major scales and chords, most of the minor scales and chords, rhythms and tempos, and dynamics. She said you help me to start teaching Beginners (5-8 years old who do not know where C is average) and perhaps might charge $ 5 per half hour (waiting list for four pianists pages where take courses). While working with children and I am very good at learning things, but I do not know how to handle children who misbehave or do not want not stay in place. I also fear that a child could teach poor technique and keep it glued to his head. He said they are willing to help if I wanted to wait another year. I am also taking singing lessons for a year and I am currently teaching guitar.

Well, honestly 14 is reduced considerably credibility because 1) over 14 years are terribly immature and 2) over 14 who think they are good enough to teach piano really should not play. Certainly, you learn to deal with children who misbehave or who are worried because he can cope, they are 5-8 years. How many 5-8 years can remain calm when they want, let alone when they are forced to take classes in something you probably do not even want. I'd wait one or two years when you become a better player and can offer lessons without parents who want to say, "pfft. What you are, a classifier eighth? "If you really want to start teaching, I go to offer courses to children of people who know. This way, you can create a database credibility with people who are more likely to give a chance. Good luck, whatever you decide to do!

8 year old guitar player kid