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learn guitar for kids online
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6 years too young for guitar lessons?

My years 6 years desperatley wants a guitar (like his father) and lessons. We fully agree, but I wonder if the physical at this age (the hands and fingers). Many instructors guitar that I found online require a minimum age of 8 years. Let me know if you know whether children this young and / or appropriate physical and mental struggles learning took place.

While more difficult for young children, the key is whether you are interested or not. If your daughter demonstrated a real interest I think we should give the opportunity. Do not give a normal sized guitar – it's too big. Get a 3 / 4 or the guitar 1 / 2 size. Start with ropes nylon – is much easier with fingers especially the smaller ones. With a little effort, you can learn a few chords – only really need to learn three or four strings to play many songs. He played for 35 years since he was 8 years old. I have a 3 year old child, sometimes tearing the strings while playing chords – He loves it. If you follow later, showing interest, I'll pick up a guitar, too.

learn guitar for kids online