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learning guitar
learning guitar beginners lesson #3

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What to start with when learning guitar?

I just got a guitar and I am not really sure where to begin. I’m trying to build up the calluses on my fingers, but other than that, do not know what to do. Suggestions on what to start learning are what I am looking for.

(To practice chord changes)
Brown Eyed Girl -Van Morrison
Free Bird Rhythm -Lynyrd Skynyrd
Highway to Hell Rhythm -AC/DC

(To practice miscellaneous guitar)
Something -The Beatles
Swing Swing -The All American Rejects
Mr. Blue Sky -Electric Light Orchestra

(To increase speed when you are ready)
Peace of Mind -Boston
Rock and Roll -Led Zeppelin
Paranoid -Black Sabbath

I gave this advice to another who was starting out. These are some songs that I used to first start out.

Hope this helps!

learning guitar

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