Guitar Play Everlong

guitar play everlong
How to Play Everlong by Foo Fighters On Guitar

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What is the best acoustic guitar to play songs like "Everlong"? I have about 250 pounds to spend.?

My boyfriend is a big fan Foo, and he really wants to play "Everlong" to our marriage. He played a little in the past but only on a cheap guitar. I want to get something decent and works well with the song. I can not afford a Gibson Epiphone to know are the property and sell them cheaper alternatives …. but I have no idea where to go from there. I would be grateful for any suggestions or help. Thank you.

Go to a guitar shop and have a chat with the staff of store personnel guitar are generally very friendly and helpful. Explain what you want and ask to see some Examples of guitars they recommend. They do not bite. Even if you can not play, ask if you can tap / hold the guitar, you'll be able to obtain a good idea of the quality simply detained. Epiphone is pretty decent, as are Fender Squier (Fender Epiphone version), Yamaha, there are many options. When you've found a couple of guitars that you like, go home and do research on the Internet for more comments or ask questions rather that opinions NOW. One last thing, if you see a Simon & Patrick "sound in your price range or even something more, I recommend to consider purchasing. I have a Simon & Patrick and is a really beautiful instrument. I paid about £ 350 for mine but is it 6 years ago so I have no idea how much they cost now, worth a detour if you see one. Good luck.

guitar play everlong