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guitar learning tools
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How long it takes to be good at playing the guitar? I would like to form a group over time.?

I'm 19 and I always love music. It is only recently that I decided to actually go buy a guitar soon and try to learn how to play. (I listened to Led Zeppelin and Tool lately. I do not know how long does it take to get good because I started late, but I was wondering if anyone knew there. And where do I start?

Obviously, it depends on many things – but overall, you can reach the point where we talk about the first year or two years to play. You need to commit to spending time each day practicing the guitar – About 20-30 minutes a day if possible. Take very seriously what goals you want. Write things like "I want to learn two songs by Led Zeppelin II, at this time next year "," I want to play in a band at the time in two years and half, etc. "If you are really serious, as the targets are actually quite realistic. Finally, I can not stress this enough, Though many people do not really want to hear – it is absolutely necessary to obtain a qualified guitar teacher. Unless there is someone who can help you achieve your goals in writing, your chances of success in this regard in the short term are in fact very little. Those who have expensive guitars on eBay, because I am frustrated and read are often people who simply tried to "teach themselves guitar." A good teacher will show you not only what you need to know scales and how to move your favorite songs – but also how to obtain a band of musicians in your area, how to prepare a list of good game, local centers are looking for people to perform, etc. It costs a little money for guitar lessons, but the investment is worth a lot – if you Please do not let your goals are harder to kill than to be too cheap. LOL Seriously, take a good instructor and a person who seeks to you is really the only just begun and coverage of success. Good luck – it's fun. 🙂

guitar learning tools