How To Play Guitar Rock Band

how to play guitar rock band
Boston Bruins Play Rock Band 2 (Pearl Jam – “Alive”)

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How can you connect the guitar, drums, bass and microphone to play Rock Band while the PS3?

The console only has 2 USB connectors … I think …

Some of them have only two USB ports, in which case you will need a USB hub. I have seen in stores specifically labeled with the logo of rock band. My PS3 has 4 USB ports, so you need not worry. If you have not received a PS3, but I'd go for one with 4 ports personally. If you are just receiving in exchange for the rock band, I'd go with the Xbox 360 because the PS3 has compatibility issues with Guitar Hero III controller is used for Rock Band and the package does not come with a driver down.

how to play guitar rock band

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