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jam play guitar lessons
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Problems !!!!?!!? friend

Well then, I play guitar and I take lessons away from home in a city where they play entertainment and a great experience. People do not, I'm good and everything. But when I go to my people, I ask the children to jam and I'm serious about it a little fun, then the child makes sorta everfyone say that we are in a group. If these children do well and better than me then. I see children who say they do not look too serious for me, but I know I played for 6 years so I'm good. What should I tell these kids that need to jam with, and do not take me seriously frinds or talk with others, but I'm not invovled in it?

so you can ask the council Jamri (google it) its more than one website personal advice. seniors may be able to help. I go there all the time!

jam play guitar lessons