Top 10 Greatest Guitar Players All Time

top 10 greatest guitar players all time
The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players of All Time

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Can we assume that "Rolling Stone" does not really have an idea?

what are you talking about? Who put this list together? Like BB King (listen now), but 3 #? Carlos Santana # 15? Slash or even on the list? MQ: What would your list more Big Top 10 guitarists of all time look like? BQ: So, she called David Gilmour at # 82? WTH? Here's mine (week): 1. SRV 2. Jimi 3. Jimmy Page 4. David Gilmour 5. Ritchie Blackmore 6. Carlos Santana 7. Peter Townshend 8. Slash 9. Duane Allman 10.Mike Bloomfield 11.The Edge OMG I forgot to Mark Knopfler! Put them about 6 or 7 I-Persephone who has more experience than Rolling Stone … more credibility as well! GK-Not all liberals are idiots!

Hot Damn, someone other R & P, which recognizes the greatness of The Edge, I'm really impressed. And still has more experience and credibility Rolling Stone MA … My Top 10 based on talent, originality and influence of 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Jimmy Page 3. Eric Clapton 4. Jeff Beck 5. Tony Iommi 6. Richie Blackmore 7. Carlos Santana 8. Randy Rhodes, Yngwie Malmsteen (tie) 9. David Gilmour 10. The BA of the song: The Rolling Stone, what you expect, are toilet paper.

top 10 greatest guitar players all time