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guitar player books
Eruption – Van Halen – Guitar Player from Hell

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I started to learn guitar. All advice or suggestions for a beginner guitar song?

I have a book of guitar I can use for beginners …. who teaches the notes and basic chords. But I wondered what I suggest you start or a good way to improve. I also wonder what are some suggestions of songs (preferably well known. Rock is even better. If I do not like the song you do not want to learn. Even some kiddish but fun Good luck.) In an easy to learn to start. Also, what should I do to move forward / tips for beginners. What you start? Thank you.

Learn chords. Whatever you do, DO NOT start trying to learn rock solos. Home base. The agreements are based for music. Things come fast single note later. Tangerine by Led Zeppelin is one of the first songs I learned. There are many good techniques out there and it sounds good. See Led Zeppelin Neil Young, or someone else. All the best and good luck with the game! : D

guitar player books