Samick Acoustic Guitar

samick acoustic guitar
12-String Acoustic Guitar Demo Samick Greg Bennett

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Does anyone know the details / specifications Abilene on a guitar?

I have an acoustic guitar Abilene, a small line made by Samick. The style number is AW-020GD and only a bit to find all information about it. Like … that the handle is made of … body and neck, bridge, nut … everything. Id love if someone knows all the details on that.

Hello all, can not say much about his guitar. Samick does not describe Abiiene not online, at least in the U.S. version web page. I can tell your guitar has laminated sides and back. It has Grover real (which is a plus). The key has 20 frets, but I can not find the length of the scale. I found this article, someone has made a composition of its portfolio (3 pages). More or less interesting. I suppose you could try reading the description (has better eyes than mine). Later

samick acoustic guitar