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how to play guitar software free
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I have to do instrumental music on my Windows XP?

Ok .. We must make songs on my computor intsrumental I do not know how to play the guitar and all that. And my group is a man band, which baically say I'm the only one there. Is there a free program that can be very clean and precise melodies on my Windows XP? Thank you

Apple computers have this great program called Garage Band. You can connect the instruments and record your voice, and even the prerecorded music and synthesizers and things of life and (like drums, guitar solos, etc.) And it's free! Windows tries to download Sony Acid Pro, Adobe Audition, Reason, Cubase and Cakewalk Project 5 (which are very similar and most are free) also found a program called Mixcraft, a copy of Apple's Garage Band. You can download it here: Good luck!

how to play guitar software free