Play Guitar Hero 2 Free Online

play guitar hero 2 free online
Guitar Hero 2 Custom for Wii – 0RANGECHiCKEN

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Xbox 360 more questions?

OK So that I can convince my parents to get a Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero 2. Does it cost me to be groups able to download songs (I know it costs about $ 7 for the current package, but the cost of an Xbox Live 360?) I learned that it costs $ 50 to even be able to buy packs of songs. (NEED My Chemical Romance, because if I'm the buy! Lol) I'm afraid it will never end if it costs! So I can get a free subscription to Xbox Live for download Song Packs for GH2? I will not need to play online or anything, just have more songs! Thank you for any info! ok sweet. I can make the payment of $ 10 per song. But 50 is crazy! lol. Oh, and I have to buy a wireless card? Since I have a router because my computer is connected to a wireless card. But does it have its own. (Yes, I do not really know!)

You do not need a Gold member to download the package of music, but you must pay for this just to download. Sucks does not work. Silver membership is free. You can buy and download the materials. Basically, all Members except Gold lets you play against others online.

play guitar hero 2 free online