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learn guitar electric
Learn Electric Guitar amp choices – How to Get a Rock Sound with Distortion

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"I can learn the guitar in 2 months?

I already play bass, so I have some experiance. but I want to play the electric jazz to school next year, but I must be really good. it is possible to learn the electric guitar during the summer?

Given already playing the bass guitar should not be too strong. However, I can play well and find low to be much easier, but it's just my personal opinion. When it comes to learning the guitar, you'd better start with good technique. If you dial the wrong habits that are hard to break. But I'm sure already Whereas in the harvest and take care of playing the bass. There are many free resources on the web, such as http://www.wholenote.com but because you are a novice at the guitar in fact, you might want to invest in the class. I am personally made to a teacher who has lived in the street, but you can not have that same comfort. My friend bought a program online and have achieved very good quickly. It's even better than me now: (http://0406eemcqa7v6q9fnbwhffcse7.hop.clickbank.net/ is the program you used. They have a lot of evidence and information on the site, and cheap place for a year of lessons, I think (but not certain) that can pass through any pace. Perfect for your situation because you want to learn a lot faster! We hope to get the job in the band!

learn guitar electric

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