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learn guitar scales online
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The best way to learn piano quickly and effectively?

I understand that learning a piano teacher is the best way to learn piano, but I have the money at once and I really want to learn. Are there other methods or any test online books with tips and tricks to speed up the learning curve. I played guitar for 5 years and I know that the theory of music and ladders and all the notes of the piano, but the concepts of sight-reading is beyond me. So Can anyone help? And please, serious answers!

If you can not afford a private teacher, then take a class – but it will be your own slow and frustrating. "Playing the piano, included in a vast territory – if you take the simple things, then you can probably tell you himself, and unless you have a really horrible posture alignment, do not get hurt – despite bad fingerings and excessive repetition that comes with self-learning will lead to injuries such that the carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet. The slightest contact or the correction of the teacher gives, do not care, it is often the difference between progress and pain. Even in a class, a good teacher will notice, or make statements outline the correct ergonomics, learning skills, etc. The person who said that professionals have not yet fully learned sight reading is waaay on site. The subject of my master's thesis at Boston University in 1978 was sight reading, and have kept up to date on this issue, as my husband. It is a learned skill – not only becomes Faster than "OMG Look at all these notes Yikes!" Once you learn to read effectively, all, or the ability to solve problems to improve in life, too. We teach what musicians pianists, orchestra and band and singers – the most difficult because they must Audiat (Hear in your head before you play, if you've heard guitarists who sing all *. * notes, and improvise – we can say that in your head, second fingers) The book of instruction designed for all that follows: -. designed to be used by a qualified teacher. The form can be taught without them, even if you go through each song, turning a page per day. When I taught in schools (1971-2008) when he got given a task of the theory pre-printed, I white on the instructions of the master sheet, then he should listen to instructions. Otherwise, it goes something to do homework, and half of the children first try to finish it before the last child is his – and since they are not listening to you – Is a mistake. Yesterday I found a question in Performing Arts, where I am the leader of the voice education through videos, etc. Since He taught vocal music all these years in school, I read it – and based on the answers I gave earlier this topic, use it as a response vehicle for a particular attack ad hominem wicked and profane to me. Of course, I replied, very polite and competent. But my beliefs are the same. ALL the direction of a qualified teacher is better than nothing – maybe you can take a little * * begin lessons, work on their own, and then call for future reference. I know it is not cheap – we learned from private lessons since 1973 and an academic year of courses (OT were) is a large majority of HS students. However, parents tell us – as children do – to see Results – Evaluation of the state, investments in large groups in the implementation, the ability to navigate through the works which were found Mt Everest. PLEASE consdier call a teacher for a short time, if only to choose what books will be the greater good! Ask the person in the music store, you're talking about is not much better than a guy from SA, chewing gum in a rock band – JUST expert instruction. Good luck to you – I have dedicated my life to music education, instruction and judge competition, and care is very people who learn music. I hope you find the best person to start that way.

learn guitar scales online