Top 100 Greatest Bass Guitar Players

top 100 greatest bass guitar players
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Tips for buying a classic guitar

Buying a new guitar is often a useful method for the beginner or experienced guitarist. A basic knowledge of the instrument and an assessment of their musical goals will help make a smart purchase, you buy it, you can enjoy for years, including all lifetime All guitars produce sound by vibrating strings. Classical Guitars transmit the vibration of the string to the soundboard by the saddle and bridge. The combined resonance of the strings, saddle, bridge and soundboard, in turn, amplifies in the sounding board or body of the guitar. Quality design and high saddle, bridge and soundboard have a major impact on his guitar.

Please note before buying …

Nylon produced a round, soft sound is the right choice for the classic, low, medium, regular tension strings hard to produce a voltage of up to 75 to 90 pounds. string tension is much less simple to play classical guitar. The pitch, 50-52 mm in the nut, gives room to pick up finger complex. The longest chain length 650-655mm saddle to nut enhances bass response and support. Style classical guitar body is smaller than most other models sound the instrument makes direct process and I feel pretty. Often taken into account when buying a guitar in hand, you could buy an instrument in vivo. Temperature and humidity are the main elements of breaks and damage the instrument if not treated according to manufacturer's instructions. Refer to "take care of Guitar" below.

Fix goals

What are your goals? Allow yourself a hobby serious or major in music? If so, get the best guitar sound above, you can afford. A cheap guitar is actually a great choice if your goal is merely casual exercise for one semester or less (or are really poor!). You do not want is amplified by the church or stage? If so, an electro-acoustic classic it offers maximum versatility. Before you buy, choose a cost estimate for the distributor can show you guitars in its price range.

Try guitar – Action

Each guitar is a feature really feel because of variations in the thickness of the neck and form. If the neck is comfortable, the guitar is probably easier to play. The string height on the handle – the action – also influences playing ease. The action may vary according to personal taste and The style of play action is difficult to play high, but it can play in large quantities hum. Under the action is easy to play, but hums aggressive play. A compromise between the two is greater for most players. Fortunately, the action could meet their needs. If you are a steel string player, examine traditional measures is superior to action with steel strings, nylon because of the low voltage. Listen carefully to the timbre (tone color) guitar. A balance between dark and light is the most versatile. However, preference for the ring is subject to the tastes and style If the method of play of the right hand is the positive side, a dark sounding guitar will be the tone of his support for the balance. If you play with nails, guitar Bright will help bring high frequencies. Play single notes throughout the range of the guitar and listening to argue. Listen to the list of notes bass to treble. The bass should be firm with a long sustain. However, the high notes that have the ability to stand as regards low so that will be able to project melody. Finally, having a single set of instrument making it possible to judge the projection. What is the difference between its a guitar for $ 300 and $ 3,000 with 1? Budget expenditures are much less guitars echo and have a smaller tonal range and more dynamic than the expensive guitars.


Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced, guitar, high quality is essential to your success and enjoyment. A good instrument is easy to play, to breathe the hand work, and the resonance of sound and response. A high quality instrument that inspires the practice and excel as a musician. The acquisition of the guitar more effectively, you can afford and will significantly improve their learning and fun. Note the quality of manpower in the seat and polished the frets, the junction between the top and sides, and in goal. Yet, in fairness, they usually get what you pay for. Budget guitars cost of capital and much less than the low-cost materials and labor are used less to reduce costs. The guitars estimates should be playable, but must finish several defects, unpolished frets, messy rubber seals, no reinforcement of sand and poorly adjusted action (a large distributor to adjust the action if necessary.) Premium quality guitars will have a near perfect fit and finish of all components. Even the interior reinforcements will probably glued and sanded smooth! Before buying a guitar, to confirm that the adjustment heads turn smoothly and allow reasonable control measures. Fortunately, the low cost or broken turning heads are relatively simple and inexpensive to replace.

Price range

professional guitarists playing classical instruments handcrafted by individual makers, eg, Fleta, Hauser or Gilbert. According to the manufacturer's reputation, these guitars cost $ 3,000 to $ 20,000. Guitars made by a specialized group of manufacturers in a small shop in the price $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 for example, Ram? √Ćarez, Hirade or Asturias. For most people these instruments are for everyone. Most beginners in search of a cheap guitar. Buyer beware: Retail for most guitars under $ 100 are undesirable disappointing. Do not throw your money on a toy cheap, paying a little more and get a real guitar. low cost guitars have unacceptable compromises in design, quality materials and construction. Fortunately, there are many factory-made guitars cost from $ 150 to $ 300 fine instruments that are beginning.

top 100 greatest bass guitar players