Learn Guitar Basics Online For Free

learn guitar basics online for free
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I want to learn to play guitar …?

I want to learn to play guitar. I had an acoustic guitar for years but has never really learned how to play. I do not know how the lessons are difficult but I guess they are very expensive, so I do not know if I can. I would like to buy a book on learning the basics and a few songs but I do not know if that would be affected. It came with a CD and a book. Should I get it? Is there something online? Hopefully free? Or does anyone know if the good books that will teach me? I also have friends who are very good on guitar, so I can take some things from them. But there is a good learning, but cheap? Thank you.

I would not buy books, guitar lessons online for free. There are hundreds of sites you can use. Check out these http://www.tocarguitar.com – hundreds of free lessons guitar music video with the tag or http://www.fretplay.com http://www.ultimate-guitar.com – almost all partitions guitar you can imagine or YouTube

learn guitar basics online for free