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learn guitar improvisation
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Make stops in the guitar to improve their skills / improvisation and writing?

In all honesty, I prefer to make my own songs to learn something already done, and when I try to learn a difficult song, as if she take months, and I'd rather do my own songs, but the problem is also very good in the composition to learn from other works, Is this true, and scales will help me more? Noticed an improvement?

Definitely yes. but only one to learn. the major scale. to guitar, you can drag models and they are valid. minor scales and major scales are the same model, but the root is simply a different note. if you only need to learn a ladder. find a song you like. learn the major scale for the key of the song is playing along or above, or only small parts of one against one, so it's not too boring, and then learn the chords of that song and see where on this scale and see using only the notes of the key scale. I play the guitar for a long period without having to learn all scales or anything whatsoever. and now I know it would be much easier to have learned before, every song ever invented would have meant more to my experience Also learning to know what you play the key of the scale, he plays the only thing that counts. if you do not know the key is that is lost on this information. but do not go and just practice all the major scales after the other, it's annoying and only makes sense that learning songs without the key. is necessary to put these things together to be really learning a knowledge base. you can always just make songs as you want, do not use scales like directions, but their use. invent the songs have more meaning for you. knowing scales rate every song is a song. can learn a song in another key song in a different key, and you'll know if the keys have been in the two songs that just had a different note, but the pace was different and different investments so they thought they were completely different. it's a bit exaggerated, but, knowing the scale lets you compare the best songs and learn from them this way. whether invented or not.

learn guitar improvisation